CCR Rule Compliance Data and Information

Red Hills Power Plant

Who we are:

Red Hills Power Plant (RHP) is a single generator lignite-fueled electrical generation facility, located in Choctaw County, Mississippi, that supplies electricity to the Tennessee Valley Authority electrical system. Steam is supplied to the generator by two modern, low-emission circulating fluidized bed boilers. Construction of the plant began in 1998 with the plant becoming commercial in 2002. The plant employs many local residents and is a leader in community service to Ackerman, MS and the surrounding county.


Ash Storage:

Ash produced by the combustion process is stored in a lined, state permitted solid waste facility. The ash is transported and stored dry, thus eliminating the need for ash ponds. The initial permit was issued in August, 1998 with the permit being renewed in 2008. The permit requires, per solid waste regulations, that the ash management unit be lined and have stormwater run-on/run-off control plans, dust control plans, and a groundwater monitoring system. The facility is required to submit semi-annual groundwater monitoring reports and is inspected approximately three times per year by the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality.


Beneficial Use of Ash:

In 2004, two Beneficial Use Determination permits were issued to allow the ash to be utilized for soil stabilization, aggregate, and road construction/structural foundation base. This ash has proved to be an economic benefit to the adjacent mine and various counties in the state of Mississippi as a road construction base. Choctaw County, Mississippi holds the rights to any sale of the ash and receives the proceeds from sales transactions.